The history and development of TW AUDiO is very closely connected with the know-how and experience of the founder of the company, Tobias Wüstner.
When he was sixteen, the doors to a new world were opened up for him by a key experience: during a concert of his two older brothers, he had his first opportunity to join in on the mixing desk. He was fascinated by how professional, public-address loudspeakers can convey the music, making it something that can be felt and experienced physically. He began to listen deliberately, to learn how to understand and experience the music.

In the middle of the 90s, after several years as a drummer and sound technician, with countless jobs in every kind of music, Tobias Wüstner began to work professionally as a loudspeaker developer. He came up with almost the complete product range of the brand Concert Audio and – with a lot of personal commitment – achieved an excellent standing on the market. He has been on the road all over Europe as a PA system engineer, and installed and looked after concerts by the Backstreetboys, David Bowie, Simply Red, Phil Collins, PUR and many other big-name, national and international artists.

At the beginning of 2004, Tobias Wüstner decided to develop professional loudspeaker systems under his personal direction, and to apply the experience gained from countless events, in a decade in the rental and tour business. His constantly growing personal requirements regarding the quality of loudspeaker systems, his contacts to the industry, which have grown over the decades, and the industry’s reception of the products he has developed to date have encouraged him in this.

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Heil Sound, Ltd. was founded by Bob Heil in 1966. Bob pioneered the live sound industry with clients such as the Grateful Dead, the Who, Joe Walsh, Peter Frampton, Jeff Beck and scores of major touring acts of the 60’s and 70’s.
Bob and Heil Sound have won numerous awards over the years, including the first ever “Pioneer Award” from the Audio Engineering Society, and the Parnelli Award.
In 2007, Bob was invited into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to put up a display of his historically important gear, including the first modular console (the Mavis) his custom quadraphonic mixer (for the Quadraphenia tour) and the very first Heil Talk Box.
No manufacturer has ever been invited into the Rock Hall before.

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Pioneer in Lighting Controls.
Our extensive range of lighting control products provide the necessary tools lighting professionals and operators require to create their lighting projects. Our range includes DMX and Ethernet hardware and software, communication devices for other compatible protocols, RDM tools, show recording and more.
Not your average China made electronics, pure quality made in Australia!

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Exel is a leading company, founded in 1984, devoted to the design and manufacturing of TECNARE professional loudspeakers systems, PCC Technology digital electronics devices, as well as HOOKCRAFT stage systems.

The company headquarters is a 4000 sq. meters surface modern factory located close to Madrid, Spain. Everything in house made with the latest manufacturing techniques, Cad design, CNC and robotized machinery, automated control testing, and highly qualified hand labour. Loudspeakers and manufacturing components are specially developed for our particular applications with the result of an excellent final product with the most demanding audio requirements.

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The UK has a rich heritage in producing outstanding loudspeaker products. Logic System has a simple aim to build on that heritage and apply new technologies to design, develop and manufacture the next generation of premium loudspeaker products in the UK, for the global Pro Audio market.

In a complex world, where time is always at a premium we apply a design ethos, which we call, ‘Defined Detail’ to ensure that every product combines not only unparalleled acoustic detail, but also ensures that they are elegantly simple to use in the real world.

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Besides selling our own import products, we are also authorized dealer for a lot of fine brands.

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Loudspeaker components : FAITALPROBEYMA18-SOUNDB&CRCFJBL
Turntables : SYNQSTANTON
DJ Bags : UDG
Stands : K&M
Flightcases : ARTIST, CAYMON
Lighting Controlls : ENTTECCHAMSYSZERO88
Beamers : NEC
Soundcards, Midi Interfaces, Midi Controllers : E-MUESI
Studio Monitors : KRKESI

And much more …